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Hemp Grinder

Brightsail provides hemp crusher, hemp leave hammer mill, hemp seeds cake pin mill...etc and other hemp processing machines.
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Hemp Grinder

Hemp leaves, hemp seeds can be processed into different kinds products;

We have hemp crusher which can crush hemp leaf into granules or falkes;

We have hemp hammer mill whcih can turn hemp leaf or hemp stems into powder;

We also have pin mill which can grind hemp seeds cake into hemp flour.

hemp grinder

hemp processing equipment

factory price industrial automatic food grade stainless steel 304 12~120 mesh from China Sri Lanka Chili Grinding Machine Chili Powder Machine Spice Pulverizer Machin

hemp hammer mill

This is our hemp hammer mill

hemp fibre hammer mill

This is not traditional hammer mill, in the mill chamber, there is 3 groups of hammers.

They can grind the hemp fiber three times at the almost same time.

That's why its grinding effect is much better than the traditional hammer mill.

This is mill part's drawing of our BSDF Hemp Grinder

To change the powder size, just change the rotor speed by setting the control panel.

Hemp Grinder

Technical Data of our BSDF hemp grinder

hemp processing machine

hemp crusher

This is hemp crusher

It is suitable for making leave flakes or pieces rather than making powder.



Technical Data of hemp leaf crusher

hemp processing equipment


this is video of our BSDF hemp grinder

This is video of our hemp seeds pin mill

This is video of our BSC leaf crusher





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