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BSCZ Belt Type Roasting Machine

  • BSCZ

  • Brightsail


Product Description

The machine mainly use to produce puffed rice, corn,roast nuts, grains and drying the granular materials.

High degree of automation,Intelligent,Environmental protection.The whole machine is made of stainless steel to ensure sanitation and safety of roasted products, accord with GMP standard. Humanized design, intelligent control, convenient and quick parameter. The highest temperature can reach 400℃. It has self-diagnosis function,the faults code will be shown on the display screen.The heating temperature should be over 215 ℃, put the rice into roasting machine, 5 seconds out from the roaster.You will got puffed rice.

Constituent Part:

Roasting Machine Cooling Machine Control Panel

Roasting Machine

Cooling Machine

Control Panel

Elevator Vibrating Screen Electric Cabinet


Vibrating Screen

Electric Cabinet

Working Method

The electromagnetic heating system: the electromagnetic control box make the copper wire plate generate the magnetic field, when the roller rotating will cut the magnetic induction line and generate wave to influence the metal roller, and make the metal roller self-heating.

The copper wire plate under the roller, the wire plate is cold, will not be hot when the equipment working, just generate the magnetic field. The metal roller self-heating.


Main Features

1.Protect environment: electromagnetism transform into heat energy to process the materials,   carbon-free  and environment-friendly

2.Save energy & low power consumption:roasting machine use the roller with the composite materials to decrease the energy lost. Heat efficiency95%, save 45% electricity.

3.Save electricity and time: the electromagnetism heating system make the roller heat by itself, without heat medium.Work 30seconds, the temperature can be 100 degree centigrade.

4.Human interface: humanization design, intelligent control. Easy to set up the parameter.


Special for nuts shop: sunflower seeds, peanut, cashew nut, almond, flavoured soybean, spiced peas.

Food processing industry: corn, rice, wheat, soybean, black soya bean, pea.

Pharmaceutical industry: traditional Chinese medicine.

Food puffing industry: popcorn, rice cake, shrimp chips, rice, millet.

Beverage industry: coffee bean, Tartary buckwheat puffing, barley malt.


Technical Data

Model   BSCZ 7-60  ElevatorVibrating screenCooling machine
Capacity300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H300-500 KG/H
Heat power155-120 kw///
Motor power3 kw400w+20w0.37kw+0.37kw0.4kw+0.12kw*4
Overall size6500x1010x1600mm1750*970*2150mm1450*800*1510mm6100*700*560mm
Roller size700X6000 mm///

Model   BSCZ 7-80  ElevatorVibrating screenCooling machine
Capacity500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H500-800 KG/H
Heat power20-180 kw///
Motor power3 kw400w+20w0.37kw+0.37kw0.4kw+0.12kw*4
Overall size8500x1010x1600mm1750*970*2150mm1450*800*1510mm6100*700*560mm
Roller size700X8000 mm///


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