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  • Is the control by PLC?

    For most filling and packing machines, the control is by PLC.

    For other machines, the standard control we use is button type.If customer requests PLC,we can also add PLC on the control, it is no problem.

  • What is the brand of the motors, inverters and electrical parts?

    If customers need more cost-effective machine, we will recommend good quality Chinese brand. If customers have enough budget and want better parts, we will use Siemens,ABB,Schneider,WEG,SEW...etc
  • Can the machine’s voltage be customized into single phase, and family use?

    Most machines cannot, but some machine can, please contact us to check and confirm.
  • Can the machine’s voltage be customized?

    Yes, sure. Like 220V,400V, 480V, 600Hz....we can do it.
  • Can the machine size be customized?

    Yes, maybe we can. You shall tell us the room size of your factory, so we can adjust the design to fit in your space, we can try it.
  • What will be the payment way?

    Usually, we accept T/T, and sometimes, we can also accept LC, and credit card.
  • To get a detailed quote for mixer,what buyers shall provide?

    1) What powder or what material do you need to mix?

    2) What is the powders density?

    3) How much kg per batch do you need to mix?

  • Will the machine explode while working?

    Usually, no. If the powder is explosive or your local agency has specific requests, please contact us, we can provide anti-explosion solutions for your machine.
  • Does the machine have FDA certificate?

    Our machine can meet the requirements of FDA, but our machine is not food or pharmaceutical products, our machine doesnt have FDA certificate.
    But our machine can be applied in food and pharmaceuticals production, we a lot of customers who are using our machine to produce food, or pharmaceutical products.
  • Can I see the working machine in user’s factory?

    It depends, you shall contact our sales to check.And most companies dont allow strangers to visit their factory.Only a few allow,so please contact our sales to check whether it is possible.

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