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  • How to install the machine?

    We provide English electric diagram, and English manual.
    99% clients can install the machine by themselves under our guidance.
    The buyer just need a electrician to connect the the wire for the machine.
    Then connect the machine pipes, then, do a test run will be fine.

  • What is the difference between granulated sugar berry sugar and icing sugar

    Granulated Sugar: Also known as white sugar, fine granulated sugar or even just plain sugar, unless otherwise noted, this is what you’ll typically find in sugar bowls and regular sugar packets just about everywhere. It’s a kitchen essential for your pantry, as it’s both a general purpose sweetener and a key ingredient in everything from candy making to cookies to scones to jam. The size of the granules makes them reasonably quick to dissolve into hot liquids, but less easy to stir into cold liquids. It’s also easily pourable. 
    Icing Sugar: Also known as confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar, it’s actually a combination of very finely ground granulated sugar with the addition of cornstarch, which acts as an anti-clumping agent (ie. keeps it from turning into a solid lump of sugar when humidity is present). Dissolves very quickly, but can’t be used as a straight-up replacement for other sugars due to the additional cornstarch.
    Berry Sugar: Also known as superfine or caster/castor sugar, it’s a very finely ground version of granulated sugar that dissolves rapidly. It’s not as common as icing or granulated sugar, and the packages are typically much smaller than the 4 kg or 10 kg bags of granulated sugar. Not essential to have on hand, but some recipes call for it regardless. Because it’s so fine, it can dissolve more readily into liquids that are cold or lukewarm instead of hot.
    Our BSP icing sugar grinder (sugar powder pulverizer) can make super fine powdered sugar,or icing sugar.
    If you want to know more about icing sugar mill(icing sugar grinding machine),here is its introduction,this is test video of sugar powder pulverizer.
  • How to choose machine for making icing sugar

    About the icing sugar grinding machine(iicing sugar grinder),
    here we will introduce two kinds of grinders for you.
    BSU sugar universal crusher  VS  BSP sugar powder pulverizer

    BSU universal crusher BSP ultra-fine pulverizer set
    needs screens no screens
    can make 12-120 mesh sugar powder can make 60-320 mesh sugar powder
    has dust during production no dust during production
    no classifier to make even powder with the classifier to make even powder

  • FAQ of choosing a powder grinding machine

    FAQ of choosing a powder grinding machine 
    1)What material you want to grind? (like chili,sugar,herbs...)
    2)What is the size of your raw material?
    3)What capacity you want the grining machine do?  (like 50kg/hr, 300 kg/hr,500 kg/hr...etc)
    4)What powder fineness you want to get by the grinding machine?
       (can measured by mesh or mm or micron)
    5) If you know the oil content or humidity of your raw material, if will help.
  • How To Choose Mixer Between V Cone Mixer And Ribbon Mixer?

    Here we will introduce the difference of two mixers.
    V cone mixer  VS   Ribbon mixer
    v cone mixer(vitamin mixer) ribbon mixer(vitamin blender)
    Can mix powder                       Can mix powder or powder with liquid
    Vertical type,feed is a little difficult Horizontal type,feed is easier
    May cause mixture segregation Can avoid mixture segregation
    Discharge is 100% completed                                    When discharge,a little mixture will remain in the bottom of mixer
    Installation space is bigger                  Installation space is smaller

  • What Is The Work Method Of BSP Pulverizer Set

    BSP-350 pulverizer set is an advanced powder machine,the unit has the following advantages: stable technical performance, low noise, less consumption, high efficiency, the fineness could be adjusted, lower temperature rise, so it is very suitable for sugar, food powder, herb and spice etc.This unit is composed of crusher part, powder collecting set, convey pipe and electric control
    The crusher part has air classification equipment, which makes product granularity arbitrary adjustable, and can prevent the excessive crushing. Powder been crushed will be conveyed to the cyclone and dust collector by negative pressure, then discharged by discharge valve. 
    Work method
    Raw material is delivered into the crush chamber by screw feed, and is cut and sheared by high speed cutters and eddy current generated by the high-frequency vibration.Due to the action of the negative pressure,the powder been crushed goes to public wheel,by grade wheel’s rotating  and  centrifugal force of the air knife,powder whose size is bigger than grade particle size will be sent back to crush chamber.Qualified powder will go to pipe and be discharged.

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