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Our client wants to grind big (200mm x 400mm) whole tobacco leaves into 20-80 mesh powder. According to his needs, We recommend two machines to him.One is our BSF High Efficient Mill



Customer case-Clove crushing machine
With regard to clove grinding machine, the Thai customer's requirements are as follows:1. Fineness requirements: 1-2.81mm and 3-6mm2. Capacity: at least 500kg/hWe conducted 2 clove crushing tests with our BSC-300 Coarse Crusher.This clove grinder machine:Our BSC Coarse Crushercan crush dry big and l



Popular hammer type spice powder grinding machine for you to choose
This is our BS series hammer spice pulverizer, it has a very good effect for different kinds of spices,like chili, black pepper, cinnamon and other material with high content of oil or fiber. For root,herb and leaf, the grinding effect is also good.We have many different models for you to choose, an



Lcing sugar processing machines are on the way to Philippines
Icing sugar, also known as powdered sugar, is made by finely grinding granulated sugar until it is a very fine powder. For making very fine icing sugar, you will need conveyor machines, icing sugar grinding machine and sugar powder packing machine. Below is the picture of sugar powder processing



How to make coarse and fine powder by small type hammer mill?
This is the picture of BS-250 hammer grinder machine, which is customized for our client in Sri Lanka. Except for making 60 mesh cassia and ginger powder, they also need to make 12 mesh ginger granules for making tea bags. So we recommended another type crushing blades,



Why BSDF spice powder hammer grinding machine is so popular?
This is our BSDF series advanced hammer mill machine, which is specialized to make different kinds of spice powder, such as chilli powder, cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, etc. Except for making spice powder, this machine can also grind herbs, cereals, animal feed, etc.



Popular spice powder processing line in one of the World TOP 500 company’s factory
Do you know “ Dilmah Tea/ The Ceylon spice company (Pvt) Ltd” ? They are one of the World Top 500 companies, which is very famous in the tea and spice industry.They purchased one set of spice powder processing line from our company last year, this line includes: BSP spice and herb powder grinding mi
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