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Why BSDF spice powder hammer grinding machine is so popular?

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    This is our BSDF series advanced hammer mill machine, which is specialized to make different kinds of spice powder, such as chilli powder, cinnamon powder, turmeric powder, etc. Except for making spice powder, this machine can also grind herbs, cereals, animal feed, etc.

    We have sold such machine to more than 20 countries at present, why so many clients choose such machine to make spice powder? Followed are the reasons for your reference(Compared with other common hammer grinding machine.

    1) About grinding effect:

    Our BSDF spice grinder can make finer powder than other common hammer mill, since it combines coarse crusher, middle fine milling and fine milling together, material can be milled three times in a very short time, almost at the same time.

    2) About using:

    BSDF hammer mill has no screen in the mill chamber, if you want to change powder size, just change the speed of inverter. The higher the frequency, the finer the powder.

    3) About feeding:

    When your raw material is big or long, like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, some long or big herbs, you don’t need to cut or crush them into small granules first, you can feed them directly in. Because our BSDF hammer mill’s crusher chamber is very big.

    4) About heat:

    When using BSDF grinding equipment, there is no screen mesh in mill chamber, temperature will not rise or only rise a little. No need to worry powder get struck in the screens or product quality get affected by the heat from the mill.




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