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Lcing sugar processing machines are on the way to Philippines

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    Icing sugar, also known as powdered sugar, is made by finely grinding granulated sugar until it is a very fine powder. For making very fine icing sugar, you will need conveyor machines, icing sugar grinding machine and sugar powder packing machine. Below is the picture of sugar powder processing machines for our client in Philippines.

Icing sugar 1

    We have many kinds of grinder machines, but for making 200 mesh sugar powder, we will recommend you our BSP ACM pulverizer, just the machine showed in the picture above. It doesn’t need the screen mesh to change output powder fineness, just adjust the grading speed, which is more advanced.

    In commercial icing sugar, a small amount of anticaking agent, such as corn starch or tricalcium phosphate (E341), is also added to absorb moisture and help the grains stay separate and free-flowing, rather than sticking together in clumps. So our client purchased 2 screw feeders for the sugar powder pulverizer, one is for feeding crystal sugar, the other is for conveying corn starch.

    After the fine sugar powder is discharged from the sugar grinding machine, it will be conveyed into the powder packing machine by the screw feeder. Then the sugar powder will be packed into bags as the final product.

Before shipping the machines out, we also made tests on them, below are the test videos for your reference.

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