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How to plan a spice powder production line?

Views: 1613     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-06-30      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

To plan a spice powder production line,we need to consider about the spices which need to be milled, and then we need to consider about the machines we will need.

Usually, a spice factory will grind a lot of different spices.

For example: cinnamon,chilli,ginger,turmeric,black pepper,cumin,coriander seeds....etc

Some spice is big, some spice is small. How to grind so many different spices into powder by just one spice powder line?

Recently we have a client from Palestine,they have a big spice factory which has a long history, they need to expand their factory and ask us to provide a complete spice powder production line for them.

At first, they told us their requirements.

1) Capacity shall be 300~600 kg/hr

2) One spice grinding machines can process all of their spices (they need to grind a lot of spices)

3) They hope the spice powder grinding machines are automatically and sanitary

4) They hope the spice powder is even, powder size around 30 mesh, or around 60 mesh

5) They hope the machines for grinding spices can also make flakes,like chilli flakes,black pepper flakes,not only powder

6) They request a metal detector is designed in the spice grind machine,too

7) They hope there is not much heat produced in the grinding process because heat will affect the spice powder’s quality.

What below is what we designed and provide to them.

This spice grinding line includes 8 machines, they are

1) Belt conveyor 

2) BSC coarse crusher 

3)BS screw feeder 

4)Metal Detector machine

5) BS spice hammer mill 

6) Air cooler Machine 

7) Spice sifting machine 

8) Vacuum feeder

Let’s me explain more about this grinding machines for spices

1) About feeding the raw spices, there are types Popular spice conveyor machines, one is screw feeder, one is belt conveyor.

Belt conveyor is good for sending big raw materials and flakes;

Screw feeder is better for sending small granules or powder like cumin, seeds,grains.

Considering the budget, not many clients can afford two conveyors for only one crusher,and we recommend belt conveyor finally.

2) About BSC coarse crusher,It can break big raw materials into granules or flakes.

For example,we cannot feed cinnamon into the spice powder grinding machine directly.

For material like ginger and turmeric,it is not very big,but if feed the big ginger directly into the spice milling machine, the screen inside the mill will break easily.

Besides, BSC coarse crusher can also crush chilli into chilli flakes and black pepper into small granules rather than spice powder.

3) About spice metal detector machine,there are also two types: belt type and drop type.

Considering the client will process many different spices, we still recommend belt type.

(drop type is chosen for working on powder or very small granules)

Why we add a belt conveyor in this part,not all spices needs to be crushed firstly.

For example, if you need to grind cumin, you just need to feed the cumin in screw feeder which is under the crusher, then the cumin will pass the metal detector and be sent into the spice grinder machine.

Besides,metal is forbidden to be fed into our spice milling machine, metal will harm or ruin the hammers and sieves inside the spice powder mill.

To remove the metal from spices will be very necessary.

4) Spice hammer mill is included by 4 parts: mill part, cyclone,filter box and blower.

There is mesh screen in mill chamber, and it can adjust the powder size by changing different screens. For example, if you need spice powder, you can put 1.5mm screen or 1 mm screens in mill; if you don’t need very fine powder, you can try to change 2mm, 3 mm screens.

The powder will discharged from the cyclone automatically.

And there is no fly dust during production.

5) Air cooler machine sends cold air into the mill chamber of our BS spice powder grinding machine,it will cool the mill chamber. Otherwise,the spice powder discharged from the cyclone is a little hot. The cold air Temperature is around 5 ℃.

6) Spice sifting machine is put under the cyclone of the spice grinder machine.

The lowest output is for fine spice powder, a barrel can be put under it.

The highest output is for coarse spice powder,it is connected with a small stainless steel barrel and at the bottom of it, a vacuum feeder is connected with it.

Spice sifting machine is very popular in spice plants, it can make sure that the spice powder’s size is even

7) Vacuum feeder in this line is used for connect sifting machine and feeder hopper of our grinding machine for spices. (the vacuum hopper is set above the spice mill’s feed part)

For example, we put a 30 mesh sieve in the sifter machine, powder pass the 30 mesh sieve will be discharged from the bottom output of the sifter, and powder cannot pass the 30 mesh will be sent back to the spice milling machine again by the vacuum feeder automatically. (only a few powder cannot pass 30 mesh)

With this siting system,all spice powder we get are fine and even.

Here are some picture of our machine for grinding spices

This is video of our spice powder production line, in this video,we are grinding cinnamon into cinnamon powder.

This is another video of our spice grinding machine, in the video, we are grinding ginger.




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