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How to Make Tomato Powder by tomato powder grinder machine?

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Tomato powder s typically used in dry form to add flavor and color to a variety of meals, which can be got by grinding dried tomatoes and dried tomato skins.

Today, let us show you how to grind dried tomato flakes into powder.

It is our customer from Greece ask for 20~30mesh tomato powder, with capacity about 20kg/hr, who bought our BS-180 high speed hammer mill.

And we tested the small hammer mill before leaving factory, using a 30mesh screen, it shows very good milling effect.  

This BS series small hammer mill is with high rotating speed, so it can make finer powder than other traditional hammer mills.

There’ re 3 standard models, BS-180, BS-250 and BS-350 with different capacity for customers’ choice.

It can be widely applied in industries of medical, chemical, foodstuff etc.

For spice and herb powder grinding, it has a good grinding effect, most spice powder can reach 12~80 mesh.

For grains and other food like sugar, salt, the powder size can be 12~120 mesh;

It can also grind chemical and pharmaceutical materials into fine powder.

This is video of our BS tomato powder grinder machine

If are interest in ourtomato grinder machine/milling machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide overall powder solution from dryer machine, grinder machine, mixer machine, powder packing machine...




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