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Customer case-Clove crushing machine

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With regard to clove grinding machine, the Thai customer's requirements are as follows:

1. Fineness requirements: 1-2.81mm and 3-6mm

2. Capacity: at least 500kg/h

We conducted 2 clove crushing tests with our BSC-300 Coarse Crusher.

This clove grinder machine:

Our BSC Coarse Crusher can crush dry big and long raw materials into 1-5mm particles.

This rough mill is suitable for crushing all kinds of spices, herbs, sugar, salt, leaves and so on.

There are 5 models. BSC-200, BSC-300, BSC-400, BSC-600 and BSC-1000.

Capacity: 30-2000kg/h.

The size of the discharged material can be adjusted, which can be obtained by changing the screen with different apertures.

Test result:

The first test:

The clove pulverizer machine is installed with a 6mm screen, and the 3mm particles are few, and the particles are concentrated in 1-2mm.

0.082% for 3mm above; 1-2 mm particles are about 85%.

In the second test, the clove milling machine was installed with a 3mm screen, and there were no particles 3mm above, and the particles were concentrated in 1-2mm.

1-2mm particles are around 85%.

Conclusion: Our coarse crusher is more suitable for the production of 1-2mm clove particles .

After discussion, the Thai customers finally placed an order for our BSC-1000 coarse crusher.




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