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How to Make Tobacco Leaves Powder?

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Our client wants to grind big (200mm x 400mm) whole tobacco leaves into 20-80 mesh powder. According to his needs, We recommend two machines to him.

One is our BSF High Efficient Mill

The capacity of this machine is 10-500 kg/h. And the output fineness can reach 12-120 mesh.

There are 3 models: BSF-8, BSF-16, BSF-32

The model I recommended to our client is BSF-32. For tobacco leaf powder grinding, the capacity of this machine is 100-200kg/h.

This machine is suitable for whom has low budget and low capacity requirement. Because this BSF Mill is unable to discharge continuously.

The other is our BS Hammer Mill Unit

Capacity of this machine can range from 50 to 3000 kg/h. There are joint type (BS-200, BS-320) and separate type (BS-400, BS-630, BS-880, BA-1000).

I recommended BS-320 to our client, and the output is 200-300 kg/h. The whole tobacco leaves (200mm x 400mm) directly into the feeding hopper of this BS Hammer Mill Unit.

The difference between BSF-32 and BS-320 is that the BS-320 adds cyclone, dust collecting box and blower, which means BS hammer mill unit has more continuous production and more sanitary production.

If your budget is sufficient, this BS hammer mill unit is a good choice.




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