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Introduction of Shrimp grinder machine

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With regard to shrimp grinding machine, the customer's requirements are as follows:

1. Fineness requirements: 40 mesh and 60 mesh above

2. Capacity: at least 150kg/h

The customer sent us 5kg shrimps.

When we received the customer's samples, we arranged the test at the first time.

We conducted 3 shrimp crushing tests with our BS-180 high-speed hammer mill.

This mill:

Before grinding:

After grinding:

The results are as follows:

For the first test, 80 mesh screen was installed on the hammer mill.

After sifting:

5g coarse powder below 60 mesh: 8.33%。

54g fine powder with 60 mesh above: About 91%.

In the second test, a 60-mesh screen was installed on the machine.

After sifting:

2g coarse powder below 40 mesh: About 2.8%.

69g fine powder with 40 mesh above; About 97.2%.

For the third test, a 40-mesh screen was installed on the machine.

After sifting:

Coarse powder below 40 mesh, about 5%.

Fine powder with 40 mesh, about 95%.

After 3 grinding tests, the sound of the machine during the test is normal and stable without abnormal noise; The chamber is clean after crushing.

After customer comparison and testing, the customer is quite satisfied with our mill machine.

We recommend BS-350 high speed hammer mill to customers.

This client placed an order with us.

After the customer used our hammer mill for half a year, we conducted a file survey.

The customer feedback that our mill machine is simple to operate, easy to install and clean, and the fineness of the finished product is what he wants.




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