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Sargassum crushing test report

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With regard to Sargassum Grinding Machine, our Mexican customers’ requirements are as follows:

1. Fineness requirements: 400-600 micron particle size (30-40mesh)

2. Capacity: 150 kg/h

We conducted 4 Sargassum crushing tests with our BS-180 Hammer Mill.

This Sargassum grinder machine:


Before grinding:

After grinding:

Screen size: 20mesh

Test result:

Coarse than 30mesh (600micron): 6.27%

30-40mesh (400-600micron): 19.12%

40-60mesh (250-500micron):22.57%

60-100mesh (150-250micron): 25.39%

Finer than 100mesh (150micron): 26.65%

Finer than 30mesh (600micron):93.73%

Capacity of BS-180 hammer mill: ~30kg/h

Capacity of BS-350 hammer mill: ~150kg/h

Result Analysis:

Sargassum is easy to crush.

With only a 20 mesh screen installed, we can get more than 50% of the fine powder with more than 60 mesh (250 micron).

If we install 40 mesh screen or 60 mesh screen, the proportion of fine powder will be more.

Summary: Hammer type crushing knives are not suitable for making coarse powder.

Our engineers suggest using blade type crushing knives and adding frequency converter to reduce the rotating speed so as to obtain more 400-600micron coarse powder.

Blade type crushing knives:

Please note that the crushing requirements in the small area are very high.

Even if the blade type knives are replaced and the frequency converter is added, the yield of 400-600 microns may be about 50-60%.

We will install a converter on the Seaweed Grinder Machine and replace the blade type crushing knives for the tests of sargassum crushing.




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