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Popular hammer type spice powder grinding machine for you to choose

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This is our BS series hammer spice pulverizer, it has a very good effect for different kinds of spices,like chili, black pepper, cinnamon and other material with high content of oil or fiber. For root,herb and leaf, the grinding effect is also good.

We have many different models for you to choose, and followed are the popular ones for your reference.

The smallest model is our BS-200 joint type hammer grinding machine, the capacity of such model for making spice powder is about 50-100 kg/h. And this is the reply from our client in Sri Lanka for you to refer.

BS-400 spice grinding machine is the most popular model of such machine, and the capacity of it for spice powder is about 150-350 kg/h.

Followed is the feedback from our client in Qatar for your reference:

You can also see how it works in their factory of BS-200 spice powder grinder:

Followed is our BS-630 spice hammer mill with conveying machines, this line is suitable for making 500 kg/h spice powder, and it’s for our client in Palestine.

This is the test video of such line before leaving factory:

If the capacity of these models is not enough for you, we also have BS-880 and BS-1000 for you to choose. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get a detailed offer.




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