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What does a screw feeder do?

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BS series screw feeder is an economical and convenient feeding machine, which is characterized by simple to install, easy to use and convenient to maintain. It is suitable for conveying powder, granulated and small lump materials, such as crystal material, dry powder, granulated spices, etc., not suitable for transporting perishable, big viscosity, easily agglomerate or high temperature, and a larger corrosive materials.

The screw feeding machine consists of vibration motor, hopper, screw and feeding pipe.

1) Vibration motor: to vibrate the hopper. The material in the hopper will distribute evenly due to the vibration which avoids the material from bridging in the hopper. Therefore the material will be conveyed to the feeding pipe smoothly.

2) Hopper: to add material. Materials are added to the hopper to supply to the whole feeding machine. Ensure the hopper has sufficient material when operating so that the machine capacity can be used in full.

3) Screw and feeding pipe: The screw connects to the motor and rotates accordingly. It pushes material towards the upper end discharge gate in the feeding pipe when the motor operates as normal and moves material backwards towards the lower end discharge gate in the feeding pipe when the motor reverses.

As the conveyor machine, it can work with our other machines as the automatic production line, like feeding materials into the grinding machine, mixing machine, packing machine and so on, which can also save labor.

Finally, this is the test video of our screw conveyor machine.




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