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Seeds Grinding Machine

BS seeds grinding machine grinder for dry seeds from Brightsail can grind sesame seeds, mustard seeds, flax seeds and nuts into seeds powder or nut powder.
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Product Introduction

Seeds Grinding Machine

BS Seeds Grinder Machine is well designed and developed by Brightsail. 

And it is also called BS roller crusher.

BS roller crusher is specially designed for the materials that contain much oil content, such as sesame, peanut and almond,mustard seeds... etc.
It can grind such materials at normal temperature. 

It is widely application in food industry.

Besides,there are two types of roller to crush different raw materials.

seeds grinding machine

Working Principle

Work principle

The raw materials are feed into the roller area from hopper, they are milled into powder by the squeezed of the rollers. 

We can get different sizes of final powder by adjusting the distance of two rollers.

The standard BS seeds grinder machine has three rollers, if customers need finer powder, 4 groups of rollers is also optional.

seeds grinder machine

Technical Data

Technical data of BS grinder for dry seeds

grinder for dry seeds

machine video

This is video of our BS seeds grinder,

in the video, we are grinding sesame into sesame powder.

In this video, we are grinding mustard seeds into powder.





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