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Cinnamon Grinding Machine

Cinnamon Grinding Machine, find complete details about Cinnamon Grinding Machine, cinnamon grinding machine, cinnamon powder grinder machine, cinnamon crusher machine - Brightsail Industries Group Co.,Ltd.

Product Description

Cinnamon Grinding Machine

BSDF advanced hammer mill can grind cinnamon into 20~100 mesh fine powder.

And it can crush the raw dry and big cinnamon into powder directly.

cinnamon powder machine

Introduction of BSDF cinnamon powder grinder machine

This machine can grind a lot of materials like spices,herbs, grains.

It can grind cinnamon, chilli, turmeric,ginger, herbal like roots, leaves, and flour from rice,beans.

cinnamon powder grinder machine

Work Method

Work Metohd of BSDF cinnamon crush machine

Why we call is advanced hammer mill?

there are 3 groups of knives in mill chamber.

The 3 groups knives will crush,grind and mill the cinnamon almost at the same time in one chamber.

(see the picture below)

And there is no sieve in it, to change powder size, just setting the inverter's frequency.

cinnamon powder making machine

Technical Data

Technical Data of our BSDF cinnamon crusher machine

cinnamon crusher machinecinnamon grinding machine


Q: What is the warranty term?

A: Guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship of equipment and parts for one year. Any parts in need of replacement will be shipped free of charge but labor for installation will not be included. Warranty does not cover abuse or user error and quick-wear parts.

Q: How many countries have you exported?

A: Till 2021, we have exported machines to more than 70 countries. Including USA, European countries,Japan, South American countries,Australia,New Zealand,and lot of Middle-east Asia countries,Southeast Asian countries and Africa.

Q: Can I see the working machine in user's factory?

A: It depends, you shall contact our sales to check.

 And most companies don't allow strangers to visit their factory.

 Only a few allow,so please contact our sales to check whether it is possible.





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