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Ginger Powder Processing Machine Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

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Introduction of 4 types of Ginger Powder grinding machines

We have done many ginger crushing tests according to our different customers's requests.

There are 4 types of ginger powder grinding machines, which are popular grinders that customers often buy.

Type 1: BSC series coarse crusher. (ginger crusher)

ginger powder making machine grinder

This rough mill is used to pulverize large and long raw materials into 0.5-5mm particles.

It can also be used to make chilli and onion flakes.

Our BSC series coarse crusher can crush many materials, such as various spices, ginger, turmeric, onions, cloves, rhizomes, leaves, flowers, herbs, coco cake, plastics, grains, cassava, yams...etc.

There are many models of this machine, different models have different capacity, the capacity is from 30-5000kg/h.

The size of the discharged material can be adjusted, which can be obtained by changing the screen with different apertures.

Type 2: BSP ACM grinder (ultra fine ginger powder grinding machine)

ginger powder grinding machine

Ultra Fine Pulverizer, its another name is Air Classifier Mill or ACM grinder.

This mill is used to make fine powders from 50 mesh to 1000 mesh.

This grinder is very suitable for crushing ginger, herbs, roots, leaves and other highly fibrous materials. The crushing effect is very nice after customer feedback! After testing, ginger crushed, 120 mesh above, the yield is 100%, and the particle size distribution is very perfect!

If you want the coarse ginger powder, you can reduce the grading speed, 

and if you want a finer finished products, you can increase the grading speed. In short, the higher the grading speed, the finer the finished product.

Our ACM Mill has no screen, the different output sizes can be obtained by adjusting the grading speed.

This pulverizer has a grading wheel inside, that is, the grading system, so there is no need for a vibrating screen machine.

Under the action of aerodynamic and centrifugal force, powders larger than the graded particle size will be thrown back to the milling chamber for further crushing. Powders smaller than the critical diameter will enter the cyclone separator and a small part of the super fine dust will enter the pulse dust collector.

This pulverizer can work continuously for 24 hours, producing no dust flying.

For food industry, it can crush various spices, grain, peas, sugar, herbs, leaves, root, flowers, kelp, seaweed, mushroom, vegetable, cocoa, coffee and other materials.

There are many models, and different models have different capacities.

Capacity from 10kg/h to 5000kg/h.

The feed size of BSP Micro Pulverizer is required to be less than 10mm, so BSC coarse crusher is the supporting equipment for the previous process of micro-grinding processing.

ginger powder processing machine

This is video of our ginger powder grinding machine

(In this video, you can see our BSC crusher to crush the ginger firstly, then feed the ginger granules into ginger powder by our BSP ginger powder grinder machine)

Type 3: BSG series universal grinder Unit  (ginger powder making machine grinder)

ginger powder making machine grinder

If your fineness requirements are not high, such as ginger powder of 40 mesh or 60 mesh above,

 if you want continuous production, large production capacity and low cost, you can consider this, which is high quality and good price.

Our BSG series universal crusher can grind many materials, such as, spices, grain, sugar, peas...etc to 20-120mesh.

This universal grinder has screen, the different fineness of finished products can be got by replacing different sizes of screens.

Capacity from 100-5000kg/h.

This is video of our BSG ginger powder processing machine

There are 3 main differences between this BSG series universal grinder and BSP series Ultra Fine Pulverizer:

1. The method of fineness of the finished product is different.

BSG universal grinder has screen, the different fineness of finished products can be got by replacing different sizes of screens.

BSP Ultra Fine Pulverizer has no screen, the different output sizes can be obtained by adjusting the grading speed. 

The fineness adjustment of BSP mill is more convenient, more scientific and more controllable.

2. The range of powder fineness is different.

BSG: 20-120 mesh;

BSP: 60-1000 mesh; BSP mill has a wider range of fineness of finished products. You can get more rich fineness of products.

3. Different the rate of finished products.

There is a screen inside the BSG, and many materials are elastic. During the crushing process, the coarse powder will be forced to squeeze through the screen holes. 

Fine powder will occupy a large proportion and about 85-90% (The yield varies with different materials and different fineness requirements.), 

but there will be a small amount of coarse powder, so this pulverizer is often used with a vibrating sieve machine. 

A vibrating sieve can separate a small amount of coarse powder from fine powder.

For most materials, the yield of BSP mill is 100%, because it has an internal grading system.

Type 4: BS series hammer mill (small ginger powder grinding machine)

machine make ginger powder ginger powder processing machine

If your capacity requirement is small, 3-200kg/h, BS series hammer mill is recommended.

It can grind dry ginger to 40mesh and 60mesh above.

This hammer mill is very suitable for various spices grinding with 20-120mesh.

The crushing part can only work for about 5 hours, and the machine needs to rest for 30 or 60 minutes before it can continue to work.

If you want continuous production, you can add cyclone and dust removal box on the basis of crushing part. 

BS hammer mill unit has compact structure with small floor area, and it can be continuous production and there is no dust flying.

This is video our BS hammer mill- machine make ginger powder

Summary about Ginger Powder Processing Machine -Ginger Powder Grinding Machine

About ginger powder grinding:

1) If you want to crush dry and large ginger slices into 1-5mm particles, BSC coarse crusher is recommended.

2) If you want 100-500 mesh superfine powder and want continuous production, BSP Ultra Fine Pulverizer Unit is very suitable.

3) If your fineness requirement is not high, 20-120 mesh, and you want cost saving and good price and big capacity and continuous production, you can consider BSG universal grinder unit.

4) If the production capacity is small and the fineness requirement is 20-120 mesh, BS hammer mill is recommended.




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