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How Do You Make Spice Factory?

Views: 100     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-03-28      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

Do you know how to make a spice factory?

From raw spices to packed spices products,we will need some necessary spice making machines.

spice powder machine spice pulverizerspice powder machine spice pulverizer

Step 1: Cleaning machine

The very first step is always cleaning, you shall clean the spices,to remove dust, stones, metal and other impurities from the raw spices.

The big impurity can be checked by Manual method.

After step 2, you can use line sifter and metal detector to remove other small impurities.

This left one below is line sifter, it can clean spices.  

the right one is metal detector, which can remove the metal from spices.

Step 2: Drying and roasting

To dry the raw spices, you can use the most natural way-by sunshine,

you can also use the more modern way, by spice dryer machine and spice roasting machine to do the work.

What below are the very common spice dryer machine, and spice roaster machine.

   (hot air spice dryer )                                (spice roaster)

spice dryer spice roaster spice machinespice dryer spice roaster spice machine

This video is roasting machine for chili pepper.

Step 3: To remove more impurities from the dried spices (this step is optional but suggested)

To remove more small impurities like dust, like small metal, 

you can use a line sifting machine and a metal detector machine, to make sure the dried spices are more clean.

This video is metal detector.

Step 4: Spice powder grinding

Usually, the spice products are processed into powder or at least flakes before being eaten,

then you shall crush or grind the spices. 

To make flakes, you will need a spice crusher, to make powder or fine spice powder, 

you will need a spice grinder machineor spice pulverizer.

People’s requests are always different,so, there are many different kinds and size of mills.

spice crusher spice powder machine spice mill spice powder machine spice pulverizer

This video is BS spice hammer mill for grinding chilli and cumin powder.

Step 5: Sieving and mixing for spice powder

To make sure the spice powder particle is even, you shall use a spice sifting machine;

To make mixed spice powder products like curry or some very special spice products, 

you will need a spice powder mixing machine to mix different kinds of spice powder.

spice process machine spice machine spice sifter spice powder mixer spice mixing machine

This video is our BSR ribbon mixer, it is good for mixing spice powder.

Step 6: spice filling and packing

To sell spice products at market, you will always need to fill and pack the spices into beautiful sachets or pouch or small bottles. 

Here you can see some typical spice filling machines and spice packing machines as below.

spice filling machine spice packing machine spice machine spice filling machine spice powder machine

Let’s make better spices products and let’s build a more tasty world with better spices ^_^.

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