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Automatic Powder Packing Machine System

  • BSPM

  • Brightsail


Product Description

1. Chinese and English screen display, simple operation. 

2. PLC computer system, the function is more stable, no need to stop the machine to adjust any parameters. 

3. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be done at one time. 

4. Quiet working environment and low noise.



1.This equipment is configured in accordance with the conventional bagging process, and the entire production process is highly automated and meets GMP sanitary standards;

2. Suitable for loose, non-sticky, fine granular materials like detergent powder.

3. The supporting machines of this equipment are all stainless steel except for the materials indicated, and all the machine structures are selected and designed in accordance with food hygiene standards;

4. The material of the container in contact with the material is food-grade SUS304;

5. The structures that are frequently dismantled and washed are all connected by easy-to-disassemble parts to ensure convenient handling and sanitation when shifting or changing products;

6. This equipment needs 1-2 employees during normal production.

Different Parts

Part 1:Vacuum Feeder


Model ZKS-1 ZKS-2 ZKS-3 ZKS-4 ZKS-5 ZKS-6 ZKS-7
Motor(KW) 1.1 2.2 3 4 5.5 5.5 5.5
Capacity(kg/hr) 400 600 1200 2000 3000 4000 6000
Remark:conveying capacity is measured when pipe is 4 meter long and conveying material is flour.The longer the pipe is, capacity will drop. And capcacity has great relationship with characterics of materials.

Part 2:Hopper Weighing Scale (Designed for Small Granule)


Weighing hopper 4 2
Feed method double vibrating
Measuring method electronic weighing feedback
Packing weight 50-1000g 50~3000g
Packing accuracy ≤1-2g
Pack speed ~24-32 bags/min ~12-16 bags/min
Power 1P/220V/50HZ
Motor 1.0KW
One hopper volume 3.6L 10L
remark We have more models if you need.

Part 3:Working Platform


Size 2000*2000*1800mm
Material SS304
Remark This size is only for reference,can be customized

Part 4:BSPM Vertical Packing Machine


Model BSPM-520 BSPM-720
Film width 520 720
Bag length 100~300 mm 150~400 mm
Bag width 100~250 mm 150~300 mm
Pack speed 20~80 bags/min 15~18 bags/min
Motor 3.5KW 3.5KW
Remark We have more models to satisfy your needs


Part 5:Belt Conveyor


Belt width 300mm
Discharging Height 900mm


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