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Coconut Powder Making Machine will be sent to Sri Lanka from Brightsail

Views: 19     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-05-13      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

Coconut powder making machines are on the way to Sri Lanka

At the end of April, 2020 year,one 40ft container had been sent to Sri Lanka.

It includes our BSP-500 coconut powder grinding machine

BSC-400 coarse crusher and BS-42AF cold air machine,

which are used for them to make oil-pressed dried coconut meat cake into fine powder.

coconut powder machine

These are the loading pictures for the coconut powder machines.

coconut powder grinding machine

Why they choose us to buy these coconut powder machines?

Since we have many customers in Sri Lanka, their engineer’s friend knew us and introduced us to him.

Then he contacted me, told me their requirements for the pressed coconut powder grinding machines and sent us samples for testing.

The coconut meat our customer sent us has been oil-pressed firstly, and it is a little big.

When we received the samples,we firstly used our coarse crusher to make the coconut meat cake into small granules,

like this picture shows.

coconut powder grind machine

Then we fed it into our BSP coconut powder making machine to mill it into fine powder. 

After testing,we did a particle size distribution test for him, 

all the powder passed through 40 mesh and it met their requirements perfectly.

and the powder feels like milk powder and flour.

oconut powder making machine

This is the coconut powder we got after the grinding test by our BSP coconut milk powder machine

You can see, the coconut powder is just like coconut milk powder.

coconut powder machine

Since the weather is very hot in Sri Lanka,we also recommended a cold air machine for them during grinding process,

prevented the temperature from being too high during the process and damaged the quality of the powder.

During the whole process of this project, through the active cooperation of our professional technical team and customers, 

this pleasant cooperation was achieved.

This is video of our coconut powder making machine

We make this movie when we did the grinding test.

Any interest about coconut powder grindng mill?

Please feel free to contact us!




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