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How to make Tea Bag by Tea Machine

Views: 8     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-05-17      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

    People around the world all likes tea products, and tea bag products are everywhere around the world.

The only difference is the tea types, some like black tea, some like green teas.

Do you know what tea machines are required to make tea products like tea bag?

    Firstly, the washing machine is required to have a good cleaning on the fresh tea leaf.

Our BSQP series Air Bubble Washing Machine is very suitable for cleaning stem, tea leaf, and all kinds of fruits, etc.

tea processing machine

This is video of our tea leaf washing machine

Secondly, tea cutting machine would be needed to cut tea into slices or dices for the material like dried fruit, ginger, etc is large in size.

If you need to make ginger tea, you'd better cut the ginger into slices.

tea machine

Thirdly, we would have the tea drying oven to get them dried. Various types and models are in supply to meet different demand.

tea processing machine

Fourthly, for some tea like cinnamon tea and moringa leaf tea, or you just need to grind the tea into tea granules,

 you may need tea leaves grinding mill machine to grind them into small granules.

tea leaf grinding machine

This is video of one of our tea leaf grinding machine

Finally, we would have the tea packing machine to pack them into bags or jars based on your production need. 

There are many different tea packages on the market, please send us the tea package picture, size of it, pack weight, required pack speed for giving you a suitable recommend.

tea bag packing machine

This is video of our tea packing machine

If you are now looking for tea processing machines, 

please let me know what type tea you need to make, 

the required output size and capacity, and the packing bag/jar information. 

Then we can have a recommend.




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