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Hemp Flour Grinder

hemp grinder hemp flour fine grinding powder grinder machine hemp flour mill-buy from Brightsail Machinery
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Product Introduction

BSZ hemp flour grinder

BSZ pin mill is a kind of hemp grinders.

It can grind hemp seeds into fine hemp flour around 60 mesh, or 70 mesh, or 80 mesh.

The hemp seeds shall be removed oil firstly and it will become a seeds cake like below.

hemp seeds cake

BSZ hemp flour grinder has two grind discs,

and the rotor speed is very fast, can reach 12000 rpm

The two grind discs rotate against each other to grind the dry hemp oil seeds cake into fine powder.

hemp flour mill

Main Features

Features of our our BSZ hemp fine grinding powder grinder machine.

1) Simple structure.

2) Easy to clean and install.

3) No need screen in grind chamber,  change powder size by changing speed.

4) It can grind material with high sugar or high oil content.

hemp fine grinding powder grinder machine

hemp flour mill

Technical Data

Technical Data of BSZ hemp grinder

Model BSZ-350 BSZ-450 BSZ-550
Capacity (kg/h) 60-200 150-500 230-700
Feed size (mm) < 15 < 15 < 15
Output size (mesh) 40~200 40~200 40~200
cavity  disc crush motor(KW) 11 18.5 22
door disc crush motor (KW) 15 22 30
feed screw motor (KW) 0.37 0.55 0.75
Speed  (rpm) 12000 9600 8400

hemp flour grinder machine


work video

This is video of our BSZ-350 Hemp Flour Grinder

In the video,we crush the big seeds cake into small granules, then we grind it into fine hemp flour by our BSZ hemp grinder.

This is video of our BSZ-350 pin mill unit for grinding coffee bean powder for reference.


Q: How to install the BSZ hemp flour mill?

A: We provide English electric diagram, and English manual.

 99% clients can install the machine by themselves under our guidance.

Q: Can the machine's voltage be customized?

A: Yes, sure. Like 220V,400V, 480V, 600Hz....we can do it.

Q: Which city are you from?

A: We are in Wuxi city, which is near Shanghai, the distance is only ~150KM.

By car, it takes ~2 hours from our city to Shanghai.

Q: What is the brand of the motors, inverters and electrical parts?

A: If customers need more cost-effective machine, we will recommend good quality Chinese brand. If customers have enough budget and want better parts, we will use Siemens,ABB,Schneider,WEG,SEW...etc





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Phone: +8615961653782

E-mail: info@brightsail-asia.com  


Skype: jewel.qian


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