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What Is Tea Bag Machines

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Mulberry Leaf Tea Bag Processing Line for Japanese Customer

One of our Japanese customer bought Mulberry Leaf Tea Bag Processing Line from our factory Brightsail Machinery.

In Japan, mulberry leaf was used to cure the diabetes. 

The mulberry tea was developed by the Central Institute of Silkworm Industry in Japan because of its rich content of vitamins, minerals and protein. 

They also noticed that it boost the metabolism and eliminate fatigue.

 In Japan, mulberry leaf is included in the sweet cake buckwheat noodles and rice noodles.

tea bag packing machine tea leaf grinder machine tea bag machine leaf grinding mill

Japanese Customer's Mulberry Leaf Tea Bag Processing Line Business:

About 3 years ago, our Japanese customer started to plant mulberry trees in Cambodia with cultivated area of 30 acres and build factory there.

Customer plans to produce Mulberry Leaf Tea Granules and Mulberry Leaf Tea Powder, 

at present customer bought a small processing line to make tea granules bag as a start.

The capacity of leaf tea granules making required by the customer is to process about 150kg of fresh Mulberry Leaf per hour.

From what below, we can see how to make tea bag.

what is the tea bag processing machineswhat is tea bag packing machine? and what is tea leaf grinder machine?

How to make mulberry leaf tea bag products

tea bag packing machine tea leaf grinder machine tea bag machine leaf grinding mill

1. BSQP BUBBLE WASHER - to clean the fresh mulberry leaf

Firstly, use BSQP BUBBLE WASHER to wash the fresh mulberry leaf. It is a popular leaf washing machine/leaf clean machine

This BUBBLE WASHE is suitable for is suitable for bubble surfing and water circulation washing of leafy vegetables, 

various fruits and melons, and uses ozone to sterilize and remove surface pesticides residue.

2. BSO DRYING OVEN -to dry fresh mulberry leaf

After washing the mulberry leaf with water, drain the water, then using Drying oven to dry the leaves.

BSO DRYING OVEN is widely applied for the heating and dehumidifying of raw materials and products in the lines of pharmacy, chemical, foodstuff, light industry, heavy industry etc. It is a easy use leaf dryer machine.

3. BSC Coarse Crusher - to crush dried mulberry leaf into granules or flakes (tea leaf crusher/tea leaf grinder machine)

Thirdly, put dried mulberry leaf into BSC coarse crusher to make 2~4mm tea granules.

BSC Coarse Crusher is applied as supporting equipment before fine crushing process in lines of pharmaceutical,chemical and food stuff etc. 

It has a good effect for for crushing tea leaf into coarse powder, which is suitble for been packed in tea bag.

It is suitable for making granules or be used as a primary mill.

4. BSPM Tea Bag Packing Machine - to pack mulberry leaf granules 

Then, using BSPM Tea Bag Packing Machine to pack crushed mulberry leaf granules into small filter bag, 

total two specifications: 2g per bag and 3g per bag.

This packing machine applies to the non-returnable packaging of tea bag of small particulate matters such as tea, herbal tea, health tea grass-root type and so on.

5. BS Heat Sealing Machine

At last, put the tea bags into outer bag(plastic bag) manually, and then seal the bag by BS Heat Sealing Machine.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine uses mulberry leaf to assist in improvement of vision, clearing liver, expels wind and clears heat.

It also aids dizziness, dysentery, supports liver function, sustains youthful skin, cough and cold symptoms, promotes healthy blood, treats stomachache and strengthens eyes. 

Mulberry teas possess the minerals and vitamins which help to prevent the health ailments such as weight loss, diabetes, cold symptoms and blood vessel problems.

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