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How is ginger powder produced by Ginger Powder Making Machine

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How is ginger powder produced?

Ginger is a very common condiment in our daily lives, you could even say you can't live without it every day.

But do you know how is ginger produced?

Brightsail offers full set of ginger powder processing solutions, 

ginger processing machines mainly includes five parts:

 washing system - cutting system - drying system - grinding system - packing system.

ginger powder machine ginger powder grinder

(1)Fresh ginger is harvested from the earth with dirt and other impurities, we need to make it clean first. 

You can use our bubble washing machine, ginger peeling machine to make it clean.

This is picture of our ginger washing machine.

ginger powder machine ginger powder grinder

  This is ginger peeling machine and ginger clean machine             

ginger powder making machine ginger process machine       →     peeled ginger


(2)Then you can use a ginger cutting machine/ ginger slicer machine 

to make the whole ginger into pieces or ginger slices.

ginger cutting machine ginger grinder machine

(3)Before making ginger slices into fine powder, you should make it dry first. 

You can make it a little dry by the sunshine, then put it into the dryer to save the drying time and save energy consumption.

or put the fresh ginger slices into the ginger dryer machinedirectly.

ginger powder machine ginger processing machine ginger dryer

(4) After drying, you can feed the ginger slices into our powder grinding machine/spice grinding equipment to make it into fine powder, 

if it is a little big, you can use a coarse crusher to make it into small granules first. 

We have many kinds of grinding machines for you to choose, 

like BS hammer mill and BSG grinding set can make it into 10~60 mesh powder,

 BSP air classifier mill can make it into 60-320 mesh super fine powder.

The left one is our Ginger Crusher, another three machines are our ginger powder grinder machine / ginger powder milling machine

ginger powder grinder machine ginger powder milling machine

This is video of ginger powder grinder machine

(5) When you get the ginger powder, 

you can use a full automatic or semi automatic ginger powder packing machineto pack it into bags or bottles or sachets.

If you want to get a detailed offer, please feel free to contact us, anytime is welcome!




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