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Liquorice Grinding Machine

BS liquorice grinding machine can grind both liquorice granules and liquorice powder. And this machine is very easy to use and to clean.
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Liquorice Grinding Machine

BS high speed small hammmer mill is very suitable for grinding herbs, including liquorice powder.

The high speed hammers can crush and mill the herb's fiber inside.

Besides, it can also grind grains and some spices and dried leaves, dried flower.

It has sieve in mill chamber

And it can make both liquorice granules and liquorice powder.

(this is pictures of BS-180 hammer mill)

Liquorice Grinding Machine

liquorice root crusher


Our BS liquorice root grinding machine has such advantages:

1. Simple structure

2. Easy installation

3. Stable running

4. Convenient moving

5. Low noise

6. High grinding efficiency

7. High rotate speed,so it can make fine powder.

Technical Data

Technical Data of BS liquorice grinding machine

Model BS-180 BS-250 BS-300 BS-350
Feed size (mm) < 10 (granule)
< 15*40*2 (leaf)
< 10 (granule)
< 15*40*2 (leaf)
< 10 (granule)
< 15*40*2 (leaf)
< 10 (granule)
< 15*40*2 (leaf)
Grind fineness (mesh) 10-120 10-120 10-120 10-120
Capacity(kg/hr) 3-50 10-100 20-200 30-300
Grind chamber diameter(mm) 200 270 330 380
Rotor speed (rpm) 5900/8600 4200/6200 2600~5100 2200~4400
Motor (kw) 2.2 5.5 7.5 11
Overall size (mm) 840*470*1020 930*600*1200 1000*650*1500 1150*700*1600
Weight(kg) 112 210 296 430

This is picture of BS-350 liquorice root crusher

liquorice root grinding machineliquorice machine

working video

This is BS-180 hammer mill's video

In the video, we are grinding liquorice powder.





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