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What chickpea grinding machine you would need to make chickpea flour?

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  Chickpeas flour is very common food in many countries, many customers have a demand to make this product. The chickpeas grinder machine would be a must if you also need to make such flour.

  We supply many different chickpea grinding machine (besan flour mill) to meet different customer demand. Followed are three main popular chickpea grinding machine for your reference.

  1) BS series high speed hammer mill

  There are beating hammers inside, and the grinding speed is very high.

  This type grinder can grind chickpeas into 20-120mesh fine powder.

  Basically, there are three models(BS-180, BS-250 and BS-350) for you to choose.

chickpea grinder machine

2)BSP series pulverizer set

The BSP type pulverizer is super fine chickpea grinder machine.

For chickpeas grinding, the output size can be 60-300mesh.

Many different models are in supply for different capacity demand.

For this type grinder, you only need to adjust the inverter to change the output size without sieves inside.

This is video of BSP pulverizer for chickpea grinding, and the factory is in Europe.

3)BSDF series advanced hammer mill

BSDF type is our advanced hammer mill with three stages of cutters inside. It is also equipped with inverter control. You do not need to change sieve any more.

For chickpeas grinding, the output size can be 20-150mesh.

The capacity of this chickpea powder making machine can reach 1000kg/h.

This is video of our BSDF-750 chickpea grinder machine, the capacity is around 1 ton/hr.

If you are in need of chickpea flour making machine,

please tell us your requirement for the output size and capacity.

Then we can pick up a suitable machine for you.

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