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What Is V Cone Blender

Views: 15     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-04-22      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

What is V cone blender? It is a type powder mixing machine. 

the mixing tumble shape is like a "V",

 that's why it is also been call V shape blender.

Except the grinding machines, we also produce different kinds of mixing machines

like BSV V shape blender, BSR ribbon mixer, BSL double shafts paddle mixer and so on.

 Usually clients cant tell the differences and applications between them, 

today we will introduce our hot sale V type blender.

V cone blender V blender Vee blender V shape blender

Our V type blender is suitable for mixing dry granules or powder, like food, pharmaceutical and chemical powder. 

It mixes the material by rotating the v type barrel, which is no dead corner, 

the material moves back and forth, and rotates 360 degree to achieve uniform mixing.

This is video of our V blender

The v mixer machine is equipped with safety bar, so the mixer can work when safety bar is in horizontal position. 

When safety bar is upward turned, power will be cut automatically and mixer will be stopped. 

This function will protect operator from possible injury from the rotating V shape mixing vessel.

It can work with vacuum conveyor to achieve automatic feeding and prevent dust.

This is the video which shows how to feed materials into the v shape blender machine.

This is video of our Vee blender with a vacuum feeder.

Here are some optional devices for v shape blender:

1. Agitator: 

If you want to mix powder with poor fluidity, 

such as detergent powder, coffee powder, the agitator below can be installed to make the mixing effect better.

V cone blender V blender Vee blender V shape blender

2. Auto-positioning stop (jog switch): When the machine stops,

 the discharge outlet is right towards the ground automatically, 

 So, there is no need to use point-stop manually.

3. Adjustable speed for v barrel and agitator: 

The speed of v barrel is adjustable, and the agitator speed also can be adjusted separately. 

So it can mix material more evenly.

Any interests on this v blender machine, welcome to send us an inquiry.

If you want to get more information or videos of our powder mixing machine, please contact us as below:

Email: info@brightsail-asia.com

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Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_-Q51cmz9MyQkX85hx-rIA  

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