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How To Make Chickpea Flour By Different Grinding Machines?

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How to make chickpea flour?

Recently, we got some inquiries about chickpea flour grinder machine.

Chickpea flour is also called pea flour,or gram flour.

Although chickpea is not very popular in China, to choose a suitable machine to make gram flour, we bought some chickpea, then we did a test with our different mills.

chickea flour making machine  chickpea flour milling machine

1) First test with BS small high speed hammer mill, this is test video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0tpAa0jCs8

chickpea flour hammer mill

To grind chickpea, the powder size is around 60 mesh, the grinding speed is okay, but powder size is not very fine, not very even.  

This is machine details:http://www.brightsail-asia.com/BS-Series-Small-Hammer-Mill-pd45529414.html

1) Test with BSDF advanced hammer mill, this is test video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju7RPylyy0M&t=5s

chickpea milling machine

To mill chickpea, the grinding speed is very fast, and powder size can be around 100 mesh.

This is machine details:http://www.brightsail-asia.com/BSDF-Advanced-Hammer-Mill-pd45908354.html

1) Test with BSP air classifier mill, this is test video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWPAGy1e3Kw

chickpea flour grinding machine

To grind chickpea flour, powder can be superfine,like 100 mesh, 200 mesh,300 mesh is okay. But the grinding speed is not as good as BSDF advanced hammer mill.

This is machine details: http://www.brightsail-asia.com/BSP-Air-Classifier-Mill-pd41008354.html


1) If you are looking for small chickpea flour mill, you can choose our traditional hammer mill.

2) If you are looking for superfine gram flour grinder, you can choose our BSP ACM grinder.

3) If you are looking for high capacity chickpea pulverizer machine, BSDF advanced hammer mill is the one.




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