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Introduction of 3 types of Black pepper grinding machines

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We have done many black pepper crushing tests according to our customers’ requests.

There are 3 types of black pepper grinding machines, which are popular grinders that customers often buy.

Type 1: BSC series coarse crusher. (black pepper granule crusher)

Our BSCblack pepper crusher can crush black pepper into 5-20mesh powder or 2~6 mm pepper granules.

There are many models of this machine, different models have different capacity, the capacity is from 30-2000kg/h.

Model: BSC-200, BSC-300, BSC-400, BSC-600 and BSC-1000.

The size of the discharged material can be adjusted, which can be obtained by changing the screen with different apertures.

This is video of BSC black pepper crusher

Type 2: BS series Roller Mill (black pepper powder grinder)

BS Roller Mill Machine can grind black pepper into 10-40mesh powder.

It is specially designed for the materials that contain much oil content, such as sesame, peanut, almond, walnut, nut, cashew, black pepper, white pepper, mustard, cumin, coriander seeds, cocoa beans, coffee beans... etc.

Our black pepper grinder machine can also grind oily materials at normal temperature.

Output size: 10-60mesh. (Adjustable)

You can get different sizes of final production by adjusting the distance of two rollers.  

Capacity: 50-1000kg/h.

Model: BS-150, BS-250, BS-500

Type 3: Universal Crusher (black pepper grinder machine)

Type 1: BSG series universal crusher unit

Type 2: BSU series universal crusher

Our BSG and BSU Pepper Powder Grinding Machine can grind black pepper into 20-60mesh.

The different fineness of finished products can be got by replacing different sizes of screens.

Capacity from 50-2000kg/h.

The above 2 types of crushing effect is the same.

Type 2 is only the crushing part. It can work independently and its price is much cheaper than type 1. It can work for 5 hours and needs to rest for about 30 minutes before continuing to work.

Type 1 add is added the cyclone and dust box on the basis of type 2 to avoid dust flying.

Type 1 is suitable for continuous production.

This is video BSG black pepper powder machine




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