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how to make mushroom powder by Mushroom Powder Machine

Views: 8     Author: www.brightsail-asia.com     Publish Time: 2022-05-19      Origin: www.brightsail-asia.com

Mushrooms have been a part of traditional medicine for thousands of years as Chinese medicine, 

as they are packed with disease-fighting and energizing nutrients, support heart health and immune function.

These years, I have met many customers who wants to make mushroom powder,

and they requested the fineness mesh like 70~150mesh, 80~200mesh...

Here is a complete solution about mushroom powder making from Brightsail Machinery:

The flow is wash-dry-crush-grind-fill&pack

Mushroom Powder Machine

Step 1. BSQP bubble washer- mushroom clean machine

Washing fresh mushroom by a bubble washing machine

mushroom washing machine

Step 2. BSO drying oven- mushroom drying machine

After washing the fresh mushroom with water, drain the water for a while, then using Drying oven to dry the mushroom.

To improve the drying efficient and shorten the drying time, 

you can sun dry the fresh mushroom for sometime before go into drying oven.

mushroom powder drying machine

Step 3. BSC mushroom crusher-to crush the dried mushroom into granules

Thirdly, use BSC coarse crusher as a primary mill to crush dried mushroom into small granules or coarse powder.

 Then we can move to next step to make fine powder.

mushroom powder machine

Step 4. BSP Air Classifier Mill-mushroom powder grinding machine

At last, use our BSP mushroom powder grinding machine to make super fine mushroom powder.

The reason why we use BSC coarse crusher to cut mushroom into small granules in advance is that the input size of BSP air classifier mill is less than 15mm.

If too big, it may get stuck at the feeding screw of BSP air classifier mill, and the grinding effect will also be affected.

If you want to make super fine powder, the smaller the input size of raw material is, 

the better the grinding effect will be, including the fineness mesh and the capacity.

mushroom powder making machine

This is video of our mushroom powder making machine

Mushroom powder is becoming more and more popular because of it's nutrition power and various kinds of health benefits.

If you have any interest about the mushroom powder making line, please don't hesitate to contact us.




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