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How to make konjak powder by crusher and air classifier mill?

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Type 1: BSC series coarse crusher

Air classifier mill (1)

Our BSC Coarse Crushercan crush dry konjak chips into 1-5mm particles.

There are 5 models. BSC-200, BSC-300, BSC-400, BSC-600 and BSC-1000.

Capacity: 30-3000kg/h.

The size of the discharged material can be adjusted, which can be obtained by changing the screen with different apertures.

Type 2: BS series hammer mill

3 types:

Table type (Only Grinding host)

Joint type

Split type

Air classifier mill (7)


Air classifier mill (2)


BS hammer millcan grind dry konjak granules into 20-150mesh powder.

This mill has the screen, the different fineness of finished products can be got by replacing different sizes of screens.

There are 10 models. BS-8, BS-16, BS-32, BS-64, BS-200, BS-320, BS-400, BS-630, BS-880 and BS-1000.

Capacity from 10-2000kg/h.

Type 3: BSP series Air Classifier Mill

Air classifier mill (7)

Our BSPAir classifier mill can grind dry konjak granules into 80-500mesh fine powder.

This BSP Air classifier mill has no screen.

The different output sizes can obtained by adjusting the grading speed.

There are 8 models, BSP-200, BSP-250, BSP-350, BSP-450, BSP-500, BSP-750, BSP-900 and BSP-1200.

Capacity: 10-2000kg/h.

If you want 1-5mm konjak granules, BSC coarse crusher is recommended.

If you want 20-150mesh konjak powder, BS hammer mill is suitable.

If you want 80-500mesh ultra fine and smooth flour, BSP ultra fine pulverizer is suggested.

We can recommend suitable machines according to your fineness and production capacity requirements.




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