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Introduction of Corn Gluten Powder Grinding by BSP Air Classifier Mill

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Introduction of Corn Gluten Powder Grinding by BSP Air Classifier Mill

In 2021, a European customer and his Chinese friend spent more than half a year looking for a corn gluten powder superfine pulverizer

The European customers used corn gluten powder to make honey food and had very high fineness requirements.

The customers said that the Air Classifier Mills of many companies look similar in appearance, 

but the crushing effects are very different, which can not meet his requirements at present.

At the end of August, this European client found our company.

After in-depth communication, in order to ensure that our BSP Air Classifier Mill is what he wants, 

we bought corn gluten and did the crushing tests for him on September 1st.

The crushing report is sorted as follows:

1. Machine name: BSP-350 Air Classifying Mill

Air Classifier Mill Air Classifying Mill

2. Name of raw material: Corn gluten (It has germ)

Air Classifying Mill

Customer's requirements on our BSP Air Classifying Mill for Corn Gluten Powder Grinding :

The fineness of finished products:

1)D90: 50 micron (270 mesh)

2)D90: 30 micron (600mesh)

3)D90: 80 micron (180 mesh)

Capacity: 100kg/h above

Our Parameter setting while grinding:

Frequency of grading: 30Hz

Frequency of feeding: 5Hz

This is video of our Corn Gluten Powder Grinding by our BSP Air Classifier Mill

This is Particle size test report of corn gluten by our BSP acm grinder.

acm milling machine

Result Analysis:

A) About capacity for D90: 50 micron (270 mesh):

BSP-350 Air Classifier Mill is about 20kg/h;

BSP-500 Air Classifier Mill is about 100-200kg/h.

B) About the fineness of finished products:


This European client said that the crushing results of others were D90:150um, D90:120um and D90:106um...etc.

He is pleasantly surprised by our test results (D90:61.11um) and He is most satisfied with the results.

Due to the limitation of the epidemic, this European client was unable to come to China.

So he asked his Chinese friend to visit our factory.

We did crushing tests with corn gluten on site and showed him.

The customer's friend said that he was impressed by this trip. He praised that our machines were very advanced, 

many details were different from others, and our engineer team was also very professional!

He has visited nearly 20 factories, and our mills are also his most satisfied.

2 days later, this European customer sent an email to our sales.

He said that our ACM Mill is what he wants, he needs the machine urgently and wants to place an order soon, 

but he still wants to see our machine in person.

We shared many cases of European customers who bought our BSP Air Classifier Mill and sent him many buyer show videos.

After contact, a Polish customer agreed to let the European customer visit his factory.

So we gave him the contact information of this Polish customer.

Later the client said that he had been in touch with our Polish client.

In December,2021,

 this European client ordered BSP-500 ACM grinder from our company.

Air Classifying Mill

Introduction of air classifying mill

The name of this machine is because there is an air classifier in the  mill chamber.

For coarse powder,a sifting machine can do the classifying work well, but for fine powder, it will be very very low efficient.

That's why for fine powder,we need to use air to do the classification work to avoid blocking.

Besides, if you need superfine powder like 200 mesh, 300 mesh, to use a sifting machine will be almost impossible.

This is picture of our BSP-750's classifier, you can see, it is like a wheel with gaps.

When it rotates fastly, the gap which air can pass will be smaller.

To make it ratates faster, you can get finer powder; To make it rotates slower, you will get coarser powder.

But air classifier cannot process some material, material contains high sugar,or high oil will get stuck it.

That's why there are many different grinding mills.

air classifier mill

This is technical data of our best selling models of our BSP air classifier mill.

air classifier mill acm mill

Remark: the four models are our best sellings, if you need bigger or smaller models, we can also provide it.

This machine consists 5parts:

1) mill part

2) cyclone

3) filter box

4) blower

5) control box

Not like other grinder machines, BSP acm mill must work with the discharging system.

Only the mill part, this machine cannot work.

ginger powder machine

Application of our BSP acm grinder.

Most of our clients make food products and chemical products, which request stainless steel machines.

For example, grain,herbs,sugar,chemical raw materials.


More videos of our BSP air classifier mill, in this video, the model is BSP-750

If your raw materials contain a lot of sugar and oil, and you need to make fine powder,

our cryogenic mill can help you.

Just contact us to learn more about it.

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