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Icing Sugar Machine

3X to 12X icing sugar powder making machine, Brightsail provides different types and models icing sugar machines to make 60 to 500 mesh icing sugar powder.
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Icing Sugar Machine

Our BSP Icing Sugar Machine can make 3X to 12X different size icing sugar powder.

It means, our BSP icing sugar grinder machine can grind granulated sugar into 60~500 mesh.

And the powder size is adjustable, by setting the frequency of the inverter on the control box.

Our BSP icing sugar mill machine has 5 parts: mill, cyclone,filter box, blower, control

Raw granulated white sugar will be fed into the mill, and be milled.

powdered sugar will be discharged from the cyclone.

Ultra fine powder which is like dust will go to the filter box automaticlly.

There is pulser on the filter box, and it can clean the filters automatically.

The superfine sugar powder in the filter box still can be collected, not wasted.

icing sugar machine icing sugar grinder machine

Machine video

This video is our BSP-350 working video as an icing sugar mill machine

This video is our from client in Europe, they are using our BSP-500 icing sugar making machine in their own factory

Technical Data

Model BSP-350 BSP-450 BSP-500 BSP-750
Capacity(kg/h) 20-200 40-500 60-800 120-1800
Input size(mm) < 15 < 15 < 15 < 15
Powder fineness(mesh) 60-2500 60-2500 60-2500 60-2500
Crush motor(kw) 7.5/11 15/18.5 22/30/37 45/75
Grade motor(kw) 1.1 2.2 7.5 11
Blower(kw) 5.5 7.5 18.5 37
Feed motor(kw) 0.37 0.75 0.75 1.1
Discharge motor(kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.1
Speed of principle axis (rpm) -6500 -5600 -4400 -3100
Grading impeller speed(rpm) 4000 4000 3500 3000
Overall size(L*W*H)(mm) 5000×1400×2800 5400×1500×2900 6600×2000×3600 9800×2700×4900
Weight(kg) 1600 1800 2300 3100

More applications of our BSP icing sugar mill machine

except for grinding sugar,it can also grind grains,herbs, spices, and chemical products...etc

pulverizer machine


Q: How to install the machine?

A: We provide English electric diagram, and English manual.

 99% clients can install the machine by themselves under our guidance.

Q: Can I see the working machine in user's factory?

A: It depends, you shall contact our sales to check.

 And most companies don’t allow strangers to visit their factory.Only a few allow,so please contact our sales to check whether it is possible.

Q: What is the brand of the motors, inverters and electrical parts?

A: If customers need more cost-effective machine, we will recommend good quality Chinese brand. If customers have enough budget and want better parts, we will use Siemens,ABB,Schneider,WEG,SEW...etc

Q: Can the machine’s voltage be customized?

A: Yes, sure. Like 220V,400V, 480V, 600Hz....we can do it.

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Related Machines

What are the related machines we can provide for making icing sugar?

1) converyer machine, like screw feeder, vacuum feeder

2) mixing machine for powder.

3) filling and packing machines for icing sugar powder.

We can provide the overall powder solution!





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