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Hot sale semi automatic 5-25kg big bag powder packing machine

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This is our BSPM-2 semi automatic big bag powder packing machine, it is suitable for packing powder such as food powder, herb powder, chemical powder and so on.

It uses PLC Servo System, pneumatic control system and touch screen to compose the drive control center, which maximize the whole machine's control precision, reliability and intelligentized level.

Detailed image of such powder filling machine:

         150L stainless steel 304 opened hopper                                Double screw for weighing

                    PLC touch screen                                                  Platform for you to put bags on it

This machine can also work with these machines together to meet different requirements.

From left to right, they are screw feeder, heat sealing machine, bag sewing machine and belt conveyor.

Main features of such big bag powder packaging machine:

1) The 150L hopper can be opened, easy to clean.
2) Closed clamping, no dust flying.
3) Servo motor drives screw filling, easy to operate and debug.
4) PLC touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products, so no needs to reset while products changing.
5) With error indicating system, which help to handle the trouble immediately.
6) With double screw to assure high packing accuracy and speed.

This is video our our big bag powder filling machine

Pictures of such machine in our client’s factory for your reference:

It’s in our Canadian client’s factory for packing lees product.

It’s in our Indonesian client’s factory for packing seasoning products.

If you have any interest and want to know more details, just contact us, anytime is welcome!




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