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how to make Carob Powder by Carob Processing Machine

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how to make Carob Powder - Carob Processing Machine

Carob powder is a common ingredient in desserts and baked goods and can act as a substitute for cocoa powder. 

High in fiber and low in fat, carob powder contains calcium and antioxidants.

People use the pulp/pod to make carob powder, which has an earthy taste similar to chocolate.

Carob powder comes from the sweet, ripe pulp of carob pods. 

People dry, roast, and grind the carob pulp to produce a fine powder or flour.

How to make carob powder from dried carob?

carob processing machine carob powder machine

Firstly, use Carob Seeds Remover/(Carob Seeds Cleaning Machineto remove the seeds,

and it can break the carob pulp/pod at the same time.

carob seed cleaning machine

Carob powder can be either raw or roasted. 

Lightly roasted is sweeter than dark-roasted powder, which has a more bitter, intense taste. 

It depends on customers' requirements.

If need roasted carob powder, please put carob pulp/pod into our BSCZ Carob Roasting Machine to roast it.

If need raw powder, then no need the roasting machine, please move the the last step.

This is video of our Carob Seeds Cleaning Machine

 Carob Processing Machine carob roasting machine

At last, you can use our carob powder grinder machine to grind the carob pulp/pod into fine powder.

Usually customer need like 200 mesh carob powder. 

It is a good replacement for hot caffeinated beverages, such as hot cocoa or coffee.

carob processing machine carob powder machinecarob powder machine carob powder grinder

Carob powder is ideal for people who want to avoid the stimulating effects of cocoa or reduce the amount of sugar in certain recipes.

People who are sensitive to gluten can use carob powder in place of rye, wheat, or barley flour for bread and baked goods.

If you have any interest about the carob powder processing machines

please don't hesitate to contact us.

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