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What is hot air circulating drying oven machine used for?

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Raw material drying and dehydration technology have been a necessary step in a myriad of fields either light or heavy industry,especially in the food processing industry. Our hot air drying oven can be typically used for drying the following materials: such as Chinese herb, spices, powder medicines, fruits and vegetables, seafood, grains, nuts, sausage,aquatic products,plastic resin, and electronic elements, etc.

Working method:

The basic principle of BSO series hot air drying equipment is that steam or electricity is used as heat energy, and the heat is generated by steam radiator or electric heating element, and the fan carries out convection heat transfer, carries out heat transfer to the material, and continuously adds fresh air to the oven and discharges moist air out of the oven. Thus increasing the heat transfer effect, so that the inside material moisture gradually reduced.

Two types of trays for you to choose:

If the size of your raw material is very small, such as sesame, you can use type B, but type A can dry the materials faster than type B.

Advantages of our hot air drying machine:

1)The heating sources are optional, you can choose steam or electricity.

2)The heating temperature can be from room temperature to 150 degrees, if you need higher degrees, we can also customize for you.

3)Most of the hot air circulates inside, only part of it is exhausted via the exhaust valve. So there is energy saving and the heating efficiency can be guaranteed.

4)The whole machine runs in stable conditions, low noise, self-control temperature, easy maintenance, and wide applications.

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