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What is a pin mill machine used for?

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Our BSZ pin mill machine can be used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, mainly for pulverizing. It is suitable for milling materials with high fat, oil or sugar(like cocoa beans, coffee beans, carob pods,etc) into fine powder type. For common materials, such as spice, grains, crystal materials,etc, it’s also suitable.

Except for making powder, BSZ pin mill also can directly grind cocoa beans into cocoa liquor. We have sold several pin mills to Ecuador, who uses them for making cocoa liquid before.

And this is the feedback from them for you to refer.

pin mill machine 2


BSZ pin mill grinder has 2 grinding discs (cavity disc & door disc) which rotate against each other to achieve high speed rotating.

It can be used without pulse duct collecting system, just single mill. If you need no dust during the production, you can choose pin mill set with the pulse system.

When grinding materials with too much fat or sugar, like cocoa cake, carob pods, it can be connected with cold air or liquid nitrogen.

Here is the test video:


1) Simple structure, easy in installation and maintation.

2) It has two grind discs which rotate against each other to achieve high speed rotating.

3) No need screen in grind chamber, change powder size by changing speed.

4) It can grind material with high sugar% or high oil% with good effect, like cocoa, coffee, dry fruit...etc.

If you have any interest, do not hesitate to contact us!

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