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What Are Moringa Leaf Powder Processing Machines

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Moringa leaf powder is a kind of healthy drink. It is popular in a lot of countries.

Moringa leaf powder can be made into tea bag or drink powder.

What is the processing machines? What is the process flow ?

The process flow is clean →dry →grind →powder packing


1) Clean

Firstly, we shall clean the moringa leaf. We will need a moringa leaf washing machine.

Bubble washing machine is a good choice to clean moringa leaf, it can remove the dust and dirt from the fresh moringa leaf.

moringa leaf washing machine

2) Dry

We will need a moringa leaf dryer machine

To dry the moringa leaf, we can use hot air dryer, this machine is easy to use and install.

This machine can use electricity or steam as heat source.

moringa leaf dryer

3) Grind

There are two kinds of moringa leaf powder grinder machines.

To grind the moringa leaf into powder, depending on the powder size, both BS-hammer mill and BSP ACM grinder are okay.

If you need 20~80 mesh powder, BS-hammer mill will be suitable;

If you need 60~500 mesh superfine moringa leaf powder, then BSP ACM will be the choice.

Both of them are made of stainless steel 304,food grade.

moringa leaf grinder moringa leaf process machines moringa leaf mill machine moringa leaf powder mill

4) Packing

To make moringa leaf powder product, you shall pack the powder in sachet or small bags.

This is sachet moringa leaf powder filling machine

moringa leaf powder fill machine moringa leaf powder packing machine




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