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Introduction of 3 types of Coriander Seeds powder grinder machines

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We have done many Coriander Seeds grinding tests according to our customers’ requests.

There are 3 types of Coriander Seeds grinding machines, which are popular grinders that customers often buy.

Type 1: BSU series Universal Crusher (small Coriander Grinding Machine

Our BSU Coriander Seed Grinder Machine can grind Coriander Seeds into 10-40mesh powder.

The different output sizes can be got by replacing different sizes of screens.

This machine has a shortcoming, if put a very fine screen in the mill chamber, the screen may get blocked after working for a while.

Type 2: BS spice hammer mill (big capacity Coriander Seeds Grinding Machine)

Our BS Coriander Powder Machine can grind Coriander Seeds and other spices into 10-60mesh powder.

It can also grind other spices and herbs, and grains.

If your capacity is big like 200kg/hr, 500kg/hr,800kg/hr, this machine will be the choice.

And this machine also has a screen in mill chamber.

This video is our BS-400 spice powder grinding machine, in the video,we are grinding coriander seeds.

Type 3: BS cryogenic mill (superfine Coriander Powder Machine)

If you want better aroma and quality, BS Cryogenic Millis recommended.

This mill can grind coriander seeds into very fine powder.

Our BS Coriander Pulverizer Machine can grind Coriander Seeds into 20-300mesh powder.

This mill has no screen, to make different size powder,just set the inverter’s frequency.

This is video of our BS-500 cryogenic mill for grinding coriander seeds powder.

Summarize about Coriander Seeds Grinding Machine:

About the discharge fineness:

BSU universal crusher and BS hammer mill are close, both are 10-60 mesh.

The output of BS cryogenic mill is the finest, and the fineness of the output can be 20-300mesh,and the smell of coriander will be preserved very well.

About the price:

With the same capacity, BSU universal crusher is the cheapest one, followed by BS hammer mill and BS cryogenic mill with the most expensive price.

We can recommend a suitable Coriander Seeds Grinder Machine according to your fineness requirements as well as capacity and budget.

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