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How to make teff flour by teff flour mill machine?

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Teff flour comes from a cereal grain grown most commonly in in Africa and the Middle East, Like Ethopia. Teff is quite small seeds, but very healthy food.

Compared with other grains based flour, teff flour tastes really good, it is a kind of sweeter-tasting flour.

Today, we would like to share a teff flour grinding test made for my customer from United State.

Raw material: Teff(offered by customer)

Request for fineness mesh: 75mesh

Request for capacity: 1000kg/hr

Machines Needed in this test:

BSP-350 Air Classifier mill (teff flour grinding machine)

Parameter setting: Frequency of speed(BSP-350): 10Hz

Use our BSP ultra fine pulverizer to grind teff into powder.

Feed teff directly into the feed port of BSP teff flour grinder to make fine powder.

Test result:

Under frequency of speed 10Hz, about 99% teff flour can pass through 80mesh, capacity is about 50-60kg/hr.

It is easy to get teff flour that 100% pass through 75mesh.

If need finer flour, please just adjust the speed of inverter.

Engineer confirmed that our BSP-750 ultra fine pulverizer is suitable for customer’s requirements, for 75mesh teff flour making, capacity will be about 1000kg/hr.

If you want to know more about our BSP ACM teff flour mill machine, or teff grinder machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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