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How to make hemp flour by our hemp flour grinding machine?

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    Hemp seeds flour is also known as hemp seeds cake powder, hemp seeds cake meal. It is made from the raw hemp seeds after cold pressing to extract the seed oil. This output is then milled and sifted into hemp seeds cake flour.

    The hemp flour is a very popular protein products,it is also healthy products which is very popular in Australia and Europe.

    Firstly, if the size of pressed hemp seeds cake is a little big, our BSC coarse crusher is necessary(it is hemp seeds cake crusher). This machine will crush big hemp cake into small granules, which is used as a primary mill.

    Then feed hemp seeds cake granules into our BSZ hemp flour pin mill for making fine hemp flour. It can reach at finest 70-80 mesh hemp cake flour. Usually our clients need about 70 mesh hemp flour, because this fineness has the highest protein content.

    Our hemp flour grinding machineis special in two grinding motors, so it can achieve higher speed than common flour grinder machine. And it no needs screen mesh to change output particle size, which can avoid the powder blocking on the screen.(in hemp seeds cake, there still remains some oil)

    Since there will be some coarse fiber inside the output hemp cake flour, it is better to put one sifter machine under the discharge outlet of hemp flour mill. This sifting machine will sift out the coarse fiber which is not water soluble, and you will just get the fine hemp cake powder you want.

    Finally, this is the video of our BSC-300 coarse crusher and BSZ-350 hemp flour grinding mill for grinding pressed seeds cake into hemp flour.




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