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How to grind sesame into powder by sesame powder making machine?

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Sesame seeds are tiny seeds but rich in calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B1 and fiber. There are two common sesame seeds, black sesame seeds and white sesame seeds. People often roast sesame seeds, and then sprinkle over vegetables salad, meat dishes, noodles, breads, cereals... or grind and combine them with other ingredients to make dips, sauces...

Some people would like use sesame powder to mix with wheat flour to make bread, some mix with nuts flour or something else to make health food.

Now, we will introduce you our sesame powder making machines.

Our BS roller grinderis very suitable for making sesame seeds powder.

Before grinding, please use our BSCZ sesame roasting machine to roast the sesame in advance. Because the oil content of sesame seeds is about 50%, grinding effect will be much better after roasting.

Our BSCZ sesame roaster is very suitable for all kinds of seeds and nuts roasting, and other material like spice, grain... such as mustard seeds, coriander seeds, almond nut, walnut, chilli, barley, coffee beans, cocoa beans...

Then, feed the roasted sesame into our BS sesame powder grinder to make flour.

BS Sesame powder grinding machine is specially designed for the materials that contain much oil content, such as sesame, peanut and almond... etc.

It can grind such materials at normal temperature.which is widely application for foodstuff industry.

If you want to know more about our sesame roasting machine and sesame powder grinder, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Besides, it is video of our sesame powder grinder machine




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