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Good comments on coarse crusher machine

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    Recently, we have many received many good comments from our clients who purchased our coarse crusher before, and it had become one of the most popular grinder machines in our company. 

    Let me show you some examples of typical customers for your reference:

    This is the good comment from our Australian customer who purchased our BSC-200( the smallest model) to make sugar granules. They used is as aSugar Crusher

    They have used this machine more than 3 years and it still works perfectly in their factory.

    And this is the test video we made for them before for your reference:

    The second one is the evaluation of our Indian customer who purchased our BSC-300 granules grinder machine before. They used it as a chilli flake machine

    They are a spice factory, and they purchased this machine for grinding different kinds of spice, such as chilli, ginger, turmeric, etc.

    Here is one of the test video:

    The last one is the feedback from one of our Indonesian customer who purchased our primary mill machine for you to refer:

    They purchased this machine for grinding different kinds of herbs, roots, leaves, etc.

    They used is as a herb crusher

    And you can click here to see how our machine works in their factory

    At present, we have sold such machine to more than 15 countries. If you have any interest and want to know more details, just contact us, anytime is welcome!

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