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What’s the BSC coarse crusher used for?

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Our BSC coarse crusher is applied as the supporting equipment before fine crushing process in industries of chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, foodstuff, rubber, plastics, etc. It is also called as herb crusher, spice crusher.

This coarse crushing machine can process material which is hard and difficult to be crushed, materials go from the feed hopper into the crushing chamber and get crushed by impact and shear of rotating knife and fixed knife, under the function of centrifugal knife, the material flows automatically to the discharge output.

There are 2 types of BSC crusher machine, the biggest difference is that their discharge outlets are at different positions, one is on the back side, the other is on the bottom.

It also can connect with conveyor machine and dust collector like the picture below, so there will be no powder dust when crushing.

Followed are details of BSC coarse crusher machine.

Feed hopper: Material will go into the mill chamber from this inlet.

Electrical control box: For starting or stopping the machine.

Knife inside mill chamber: For crushing materials into small size.

Screen: For changing the output particle size.

Main features of BSC coarse grinder machine:

1.Simple structure, easy in installation and maintain.

2.Small space needed.

3.Low noise.

These are test videos of our BSC coarse crusher as a spice crusher and herbal crusher

For chili:

For turmeric:




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