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What powder mixer is often used for mixing food powder?

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  Our BSR ribbon mixer is one of the best selling powder mixer machine, for dry powder or granules mixing. The machine material is food grade SS304 and we could also do SS316L if you have higher requirement.

  Many customers prefer this type mixer to mix spice powder, sugar powder, drink powder, milk powder, etc.

  The basic working principle of the ribbon mixer:

  BSR series Ribbon Mixer is mainly comprised of mixing barrel , spiral ribbon and driven parts. The spiral ribbon is made of two layers. That is, the inner ribbon makes the material move outwards, while the external ribbon makes the material move inwards which forms a good circulation of material.

  The advantages of the ribbon mixer:

  1)There are mixing ribbons inside to drive the mixing, the mixing performance is very good.

  2)Position switch is equipped, as long as you open the mixer, the inside ribbons would stop automatically. It is very safe.

  3)There is also a safety net with the mixer, so the operator cannot reach out arms into the mixer, danger can be prevented.

  4)The discharging height could be customized based on your need, it is flexible.

  5)The ribbon mixer can also mix dried powder/granules with little liquid, we can design the spraying system for you.

  If you feel interest in the food powder mixer machine, please let us know:

  1)the materials you need to mix

  2)the bulk density(kg/liter) of the materials

  3)how many materials you need to mix per batch

  4)the discharging height you need

  Here are some videos of our BSR food powder mixer machine,

  If you want to watch more videos, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel.




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