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What is perfect mixing in pharmacy by powder mixer machines?

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A mixing operation is involved at some stage in the production of practically every pharmaceutical preparation.

Its aim is to evenly distribute the components of the mix so that a drug product possessing the required quality attributes is manufactured.

Due to the characteristics of pharmaceutical powder, the pharmaceutical powder mixing machine must be contact part SS316, other SS304.

And for safety and hygiene requirements of pharmaceutical powder, our BSV SeriesV Shape Mixer is one of the best choices.

V Cone Mixeris suitable for mixing dry granules or powder among

pharmacy, food, chemical and other relative industries.

Equipped with safety bar, this powder mixing machine can protect operator during working.

When safety bar is upward turned, power will be cut automatically and mixer will be stopped.

Feeding methods:

1. Manually Feeding

2. Use a vacuum feeder to make it automatic and free from dust, which will be much convenient.

V blender can be equipped with an intensifier bar if the fluidity of raw material is poor, which helps in mixing and breaking up materials

The function of auto-positioning stop is optional.

When stop theV cone mixer, the discharge part is right towards the ground automatically, no need to use point-stop manually. It is very convenient for operators.

Mixing speed of thisV cone blender can be adjusted if equipped with frequency converter, which can make the mixing effect better.

This a video of our BSV cone blender for reference.

If you want to know more about our mixing equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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