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What flour machines will be needed in the flour factory?

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1. Conveyor machines for conveying raw materials into the other machine (flour conveyor)

They are screw feeder and vacuum conveyor in the picture, can convey powder or granule materials from one machine to another. It's efficient and convenient, can save more labor.

They can work with the grinders, mixers and packing machines to form a production line.

2. Grinding machines for making fine flour (flour grinding machine)

Small type flour grinder machines:

These are our small type flour powder grinder machines, which are suitable for grinding dry spices, herbs, grains...etc. All these machines change the powder fineness by replacing the screen mesh.

If your capacity is small, or budget is limited, these machines are suitable for you.

Big type grinder machines:

These are our hot sale big type flour grinder machine, they are all equipped with pulse dust collecting system, so there will be no powder dust when grinding.

Only the first one needs the screen to change output powder fineness, other machines no need screen, just by changing the frequency of inverter.

3. Mixing machines for flour or granules mixing

There are different kinds of flour mixer machines for your choices, from small to big type. It is used to mix different materials together.

We can also design the platform for you, which is convenient for operating the mixer.

4. Flour packaging machines for packing the flour into bags or bottles

Our flour packing machines can do the work of bag-making, weighing, filling, date coding, and bag-cutting. It is suitable for packing powder and granule material.

There are automatic or semi automatic, small bag or big bag packing for your choices.




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