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Welcome clients to visit our factory for rice flour grinder machine

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  In 03, Mar, 2022, we received an inquiry of rice grinding machine from the client in Brazil via our website. Their capacity of rice flour grinder machine is about 500~1000 kg/h, flour fineness should be D100 150 mesh, and the output temperature must be under 40℃. Since our client is sensitive on the temperature of rice flour, our engineer recommends using the cold air machine when grinding, like the picture below, so it can reduce the grinding temperature.

  After discussing with our customer for a period of time, they are very satisfied with our solution and service. At the beginning of June, they could just ask their Chinese friend to visit our factory, and make tests on the machines due to the limitation of epidemic.

  Before coming to the factory, we had received 50kg rice samples from the client. Finally we made 2 tests on the BSP-350 rice pulverizer machine, and cold air machine. The output temperature of rice flour is under 33℃ after connecting with the cold air. We also sending the 2 powder samples to the inspection agency for making the particle size distribution reports.

  We have sold out many sets BSP pulverizing machines to different countries, below is one buyer show from our customer in Thailand, they also use the BSP ACM grinding machine for making fine rice flour.

  Except rice, our BSP also can grind dry herb, spices, beans and so on. If any interests, please contact us.

  This is video of our BSP rice flour grinding machine for reference.




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