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Popular dry powder or small granules ribbon mixer machine ribbon blender

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This is our ribbon powder mixer machine, which is one of the most popular powder mixer machines in our company. It is widely used in powder material manufacturing process in many fields, like chemical, medicine, food and construction fields.

Working method of our powder mixer machine:

In ribbon blender the powder moves from center to the end of container and end of container to the center of container.

Hence requirement of total mixing time is very less and the RPM required are also very less.

The dry material gets sufficient continuous movement due to the shape & movement of ribbon & shape of the container.

Main features of our BSR ribbon blender:

1) Simple structure in horizontal U shape, easy in installation and maintenance.

2) Cover has a safety net to protect the workers.

3) Hermetic seals are adopted on both sides of ribbon mixer.

4) Pneumatic valve is adopted to discharge material.

Feedback from our clients who bought our ribbon powder mixer before:

This good comment is from Australian client who purchased our BSR-1500 ribbon mixerbefore, they have used such machine for mixing chemical products more than 3 years.

And followed are the pictures of our ribbon blender machines in customer’s factory.

In our Vietnamese customer’s factory,which is used for mixing seasoning products.

In our Indonesian’s customer’s factory, they used our BSR ribbon powder mixer machine for mixing sugar powder with starch.

Any interest? Please feel free to contact us,anytime is welcome!

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