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Popular chilli powder grinding machine is on the way to Thailand

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Last week, one more set of our BSDF-750 chilli grinding machine had been finished. It’s for our client in Thailand to grind chilli, turmeric, cinnamon and other spices.

You can click here to know how it works:

BSDF advanced hammer mill is very popular chilli powder grinding machine in our company, we have many clients purchased such machine for making spice powder.

Such as this line for our client in Pakistan, they purchased two sets BSDF powder grinder machines. One is for making spice powder, another is for making grain flour.

This is their spice powder line:

You can also see how our BSDF spice grinding machine works in our Myanmar client’s factory:

Why they choose this machine as their chilli powder grinding machine?

1) There is no screen/sieve in the mill chamber, you can change the speed of inverter to change the final powder size as you want.

2) No need to worry powder get stuck in the screens or product quality get affected by the heat from the mill, since there is no screen in the mill chamber and no heat rising during process. So it is very suitable for grinding heat-sensitive material or material contains fiber or oil.

3) It can makes fine powder directly from big raw material. No need to crush big material into small granules first.

4) It can save more power, its capacity is much bigger than other same motor type traditional hammer mill.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interest!

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